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Froggy's Gallon BioSphere UPGRADE Marine Blue (NO FROGS, NO Plant) Single Unit

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This is an UPGRADE kit for a customer that already has their frogs and bamboo from an existing BioSphere.  This product does NOT include FROGS, PLANT or FOOD.

This larger tank size is a Gallon size.  

Each UPGRADE includes:

1 Aquariums
1 Aquarium Lids with LED light
2 Bags of Living Sand (each BioSphere takes TWO)
2 Bags of Gravel (each BioSphere takes TWO)
1 Bags of Decorative rocks

NOTE: To avoid weekend deliveries, we process & ship our Froggy's BioSphere's & Live Animals Monday through Thursday. Orders placed from Thursday through Sunday are processed the following Monday.   Please call if you have special order requests or questions, 833-376-4491