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Froggy's Gallon-sized BioSphere (includes FROGS and food pack) (Case of 9)

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Expected release date is Apr 6th 2020

Each Froggy’s Lair is a complete aquatic ecosystem, which means you need only change the water every three (3) months and feed the little frogs two (2) times per week. The frogs live anywhere between 2 and 5 years and will not grow any larger than 1.5 to 2 inches in size. The brown sand is actually living sand that manages the ammonia and Ph levels in the water (the most important factor for keeping any aquarium clean and healthy). The bamboo plant feeds off of nutrients produced by the living sand and in turn produces oxygen. All of the components work together to make this ecosystem work! The benefit for the customer is that the entire system creates a very low maintenance yet enjoyable aquatic habitat to enjoy for years.

This larger tank size is a Gallon size.  This size includes THREE frogs per BioSphere

Each case includes:

27 Frogs
9 Aquariums
9 Aquarium Lids.
18 Bags of Living Sand (each BioSphere takes TWO)
18 Bags of Gravel (each BioSphere takes TWO)
Approx 32 Decorative rocks
9 Bamboo Stalks
9 Food Packs

NOTE: To avoid weekend deliveries, we process & ship our Froggy's BioSphere's & Live Animals Monday through Thursday. Orders placed from Thursday through Sunday are processed the following Monday.   Please call if you have special order requests or questions, 833-376-4491