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Retailer Starter Kit

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The Retailer Starter Kit provides the essential components for maintaining African Dwarf Frogs in your store.



  • Holding Tank - Gallon-size BioSphere with bio-active sand, colored gravel and decorative rocks
  • Care Kit for Store Use - Food, Net and water extractor
  • Water Conditioner - This further prepares the water you will use to fill the tanks.  This is the traditional Aquarium chemicals used to convert tap water into Aquarium-safe water.  You will only use TWO drops per gallon of water.  (Our case of 18 BioSpheres take 2.5 gallons).  One tube of this should last a long time.  AND it is still important that the water be room temperature.
  • Tank Starter - While we believe strongly in the quality of our Bio-active sand, it is the key component to the BioSphere.  To further eliminate any issues, the Bacteria Supercharge ALSO contains the same bacteria as our sand.  This is an over-the-top solution - cuz we LOVE these crazy amazing critters!  You'll use 5 drops per gallon.